Features of Speedtest

Close all programs and leave them closed until the speed test is finished. Just so you get genuine results. In the menu, select your provider and your connection speed. If you are not sure, check in your dsl contract, or the monthly statement after.

To us, it was reported that the use of security software (e.g. Avira, gdata, zonealarm and others) at high speeds can be measured. These programs can influence the measurement. If you have this software or a similar one in use, you should for the duration of the test is not only clear, but completely off. After the test, but please back on!

The dsl speed test is a series of test data of different size downloaded from the server (download test) or sent to the server (upload test). In parallel, the required time is measured which gives the speed (download rate, upload rate) can be calculated. The different size of the test data ensures that the test is long enough to get a very accurate measurement results, compared to other methods.

The internet speed test recognizes the following connection types: dsl: vdsl2, vdsl 25000, vdsl 50000, v dsl 25, v dsl 50, dsl 16000, dsl 12000, dsl 6000, dsl 3000, dsl 2000, dsl 1000, dsl 768, and the dsl light. The test is free of charge.

The bandwidth of your internet connection can never be 100% to be determined exactly, since many other factors, the evaluation of affect. These factors include, for example, the load on the measured server and their current network usage. You should during the test, no other web pages retrieve or download files! Close all background programs, such as e mail or other web browser, to disturbances during the measurement to avoid. The utilization of our server, see you at the end of the speed tests.

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You can free download Speedtest latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
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