Features of Google Maps

Google maps is the largest and most widely used online map service in the internet. In addition to vector maps, satellite images and on location shooting provides the service also has a route planner.

The maps from google can be in pure map mode, as satellite image, or in a combined display. The view is always infinitely zoom bar, and grants as detailed insights in most corners of the world – excepting only the poles and some other sparsely populated areas. Also some of the smaller areas, such as strategically important military bases, satellite images defaced. It can be country names and place names, points of interest and address search, but also the input of latitude and longitude brings accurate results.

A route planner is also by default in google maps. The points most accurately to the correct way for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. Upon request, public transportation like buses or planes in the routing calculations. Even trips with multiple stops, planning to google maps; it can be about any number of stops or milestones, to insert. Once computed the routes are interactively on the map or in a list view is displayed – this can also be printed directly. There are also extensive data such as travel time, route length, and the like. It is, at any time, the current traffic situation is included, if appropriate data are available. The most useful of the alternative routes will also be displayed.

Who google maps in the browser, right click on the map, distances to measure, air line distances or to calculate geographic coordinates. In addition to maps and satellite photos shows google maps images of users to many places in the world – these can be about other google services to upload. Also in google maps is "street view". In this mode, you can virtually walk through the maps world and move in 360 panoramic images in many regions around.

You want google maps on the go, you can for popular mobile systems the corresponding google maps app download. In addition, the provider dreamteam mobile gmaps app for windows phone and windows 8 available

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Developer: Google
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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