Features of AVS Video Converter

Avs video converter supports the common video formats and offers several functions for editing of videos. Automatic scene detection and automatic deletion of blocks is lacking, however. After a smooth installation without rebooting, open avs video converter the same in a small clear window. With avs video converter many video formats convert. Read the software can virtually all known and also some less popular formats such as asf, mkv and ogm. When writing missing some exotics, but this is not a big deal.

Good: divx (including derivatives) and real media files, the program supports reading and writing. For all the target formats are different quality settings, ready to be called. The user can decide whether the finished avi movie with xvid, divx or another codec to be compressed. The individual profiles can also extensively customize. The only downside: the arrangement of the profiles is america based. In germany, the usual settings are usually found further down the list.

With avs video converter makes video files also cut or add effects to spice it up. Here, the operation is not immediately conclusive. A help file separately for download from the internet, supported but not too much. After some trial and error you can watch the videos but to the hundredth of a second to accurately cut. Negative: an automatic scene detection, and self removal of advertising blocks are not there. But there are some effects available. Thus, for example, brightness, contrast and hue adjusted, or the image is flipped, twisted or turned upside down.

Practical: individual pictures or the audio track, you can export. One has as a goal the conversion to create a dvd is selected, from which you can make some nice templates, easy to create menus. Following the convert start the built in burning program. In the test, the created dvd on any player, played. For the conversion itself is fast hardware or a little patience is required. If both not, you can avs video converter is also the same with several videos to convert overnight to feed.

The quality of the converted movies in the test well. The software you can not just buy, but you must be for one of two possible licensing models, will decide: a 1 year subscription for 25 euros or a temporally limited lifetime flat rate for 55 euros. Thus acquires not only the right, the video converter, but also any other program of the avs website, as well as updates and new programs for a year or unlimited download and install. The license is valid for a pc. The unregistered version leaves in the converted videos have a watermark. Conclusion: avs video converter is a good tool to easily convert videos to other formats. Simple, but accurate editing functions, as well as some effects, and a firing module is included.

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License:Trial version
Developer:Online Media Technologies Ltd., UK
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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