MP4 Media Player for Windows XP

MP4 Media Player for Windows XP
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Features of MP4 Media Player

The free Mp4 Media Player for windows XP download brings a really purist player for audio and video files on pcs with no matter what windows version. Bells and whistles, no matter whether user interface you will certainly seek in vain. It scores points for the player with storable playlists, and support opposition to the naming of not only the mp4 format.

The mp4 media player download is relatively slender, refers to the file size, however on the built in "functionality", may well be the question of how the nearly 8 mb, the the player on the scale brings, together. During the installation, users with no challenges, you can see even from the offered toolbars etc You want to media files automatically by double clicking with the mp4 media player is open, the assignment manually via the windows explorer context menu to be made, the player offers no such option.

Mp4 media player plays audio and video files of different formats. The supported formats were, unfortunately, no concrete information can be found, the program dialog to open offers the alternative mp4 and all files. In the test, the player all of the files that is set before him, which is probably due to the fact that he is on the system wide installed codecs uses and of those there are on our test system a whole lot.

The play gave the program, unfortunately, in no matter what media format at the beginning of the playback, an error message and refused to consistently navigate through the file, so rewind, fast forward. Those who prefer to directly turn want, here you can find further free video player downloads. Succeeded relatively well is to create playlists with the mp4 media player.

To drag and drop must be true as well for the playback of individual files, without, otherwise, is here, however, a real strength of the otherwise functional primarily poverty shiny audio and video. How to load all the required files are in the playlist and can then, as a text file to save to pass on, or later re enter. In addition to the current playlist by selecting the checkbox to remember current playlist automatically keep. Chic is the search function of the browse list. In this way one has extensive listings well in the grip, well you could almost here a small media talk.

Once you see of the bottom is constantly displayed advertisements for other video tools from the manufacturer which disappears only in full screen mode there is not much to see in the mp4 media player. This is partly due to the fact that the controls in the normal state. If you move the mouse to the left, appear playlist in addition to search, on top of the controls for video and audio. To all controls permanently to the display, set the check mark at the top show all the controls, the displays, however, the playlist and control permanently.

Why the mp4 media player download is so popular, this opens up not after a short test, still a long search. Error messages, no drag and drop support, obviously not very good code base and consistent not scroll in whatever media format, ensure that you have the smaller annoyances such as the constant advertisement just do not like across looks. In addition, changes to the software every time the program starts, so the windows color scheme, which, firstly, is undesirable and, secondly, it takes time.

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License:Trial version
Developer:Martin R. Bandy
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Windows XP sp1, sp2, sp3 64 bit / 32 bit / x32 / x64 Professional edition, Home edition, Starter
  • pc, notebook, laptop, computer