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With the digital atlas, google earth pro, you can travel around the world and even into space. For example, you fly from paris to rio and on to tokyo: "google earth" makes it possible! The free software world atlas, route planner and planetarium all in one. You will receive detailed, three dimensional maps, in which you request further information (such as place and street names, rest stops, gas stations, pharmacies and hotels) show. In the map you can also make your own overlay photos to include, to stretch out and the length measure, or places of mark. In addition, the program offers a route planner to find the way from one place to another to calculate. As for a navi you can choose between car, public transport, walk or bike. The proposed route, you can virtually fly.

With "google earth" even in the satellite imagery, zoom in and the view of "tilt". Give you about "berlin", nozzles from the space above the german capital. Particularly spectacular is the quality of the satellite images and aerial photographs especially in american cities. "google earth" also reads standard gps data, e.g. In gpx format. How to transfer routes or bicycle routes and look at profiles if the data are stored. To gps devices from garmin and magellan, or to the wintect wbt 201 can be via usb direct connection for data transfer to be included.

Google earth holds for many cities from rio to london, three dimensional views. In germany, over 30 cities such as hamburg, berlin, munich, stuttgart, speyer, dresden, erfurt, potsdam and wiesbaden as 3d models to explore. In addition, the world thousands of three dimensional buildings to be found. If you are looking for interesting destinations, among the so called "guided tours" are more than enough suggestions. It is guided 3d tours along regional attractions, to which "google earth" to know information pops up. But you can also make your own tours to record, with narration provided and drop it. If you want to our planet as a pilot to explore, access to the flight simulator, select a jet fighter or a propeller plane and off you go. On request, even in true style by take off from a runway in hamburg, london or san francisco.

About the navigation, you can click "google earth", for example, from a great height directly onto the ground level down bump and on the streets of a certain city. From computer games known as "first person"perspective enables virtual walks through urban canyons. The so called "sunlight layer" shows the current position of the sun around the globe. So let the sun in a chosen city or perish.

You can also "google earth" as a planetarium and starry sky from the earth. The built in mode "google sky" contains the data on more than 100 million individual stars and 200 million galaxies. There is also extensive information on the planet mars is ready for viewing: check out high resolution images of the red planet, take a virtual mars tour or take a look at interesting mars maps. Or how it would be with a view of the moon missions?

About the module "google ocean" dive to the bottom of the ocean, explore the ocean, visit the famous shipwrecks and learn about the flora and fauna in the world's oceans. When you zoom in to the sea appears on the surface of the water transparent. Dive virtually under water, you can see the seabed in 3d and navigate through the oceans. With "google earth" take a virtual travel time, where the changes in places track, where historical satellite photos are available.

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