Features of Winamp

The new version introduces some useful new features.

  • Wireless sync with the android version of winamp
  • Import the itunes library
  • A comprehensive review of the podcast management
  • Support of windows 7 features such as, for example, the player control on the taskbar
  • Support of now, a total of 16 languages
  • Improved playlist creation
  • Optional toolbar for the web browser
  • The best audio player

In addition to the comfortable media catalog and the new video playback features, the current version of winamp 5 support for the popular winamp freeform skins. In addition, you can use the winamp even rip cds and then burn. The freeware also supports aac encoding, and global hotkeys. This means the network editors.

Winamp for pc was in the users very popular because it is slim was easy to use and resource friendly. That changed with version 3 of the popular audio player. Any amount more or less useful functions incorporated under the winamp hood. At the end, there were so many that the player clumsily acted, the appeal of the sleek alternative to the windows media player was gone. With winamp 5 reverted to the nullsoft team of his roots and followed up on the success of the first versions. Nevertheless, in this phase, some alternatives to winamp 3 was, now, with winamp 5 compete about musikcube or foobar 2000. Since february 2013 there is the windows classic way finally also mac os x.

Screenshot winamp

You can free download Winamp for pc latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, XP sp1, sp2, sp3 64 bit / 32 bit / x32 / x64
  • laptop, pc, notebook, computer