Features of MP3Gain

Music tracks can be in your volume differ significantly from one another. With mp3gain, it is possible to adjust the volume of digital music files, automatically normalizing. The adjustment of the volume should, without any loss of quality possible.

From the cd, to download: depending on the source from which music originates, this can be clearly seen in their volume distinguish. Mp3gain should handle the volume control make it unnecessary, by all of the music files on the same volume level. The software measures the volume levels of mp3 files and adjusts these in accordance with the specifications. The default target level of 89 db from the user can be changed freely.

This can mp3gain especially when working with large music collections to be useful if you need this on a consistent volume level. The feature album analysis allows all music folders with with just a few clicks to normalize. The software indicates what output value the individual titles were and how much the volume had to be adjusted. Individual tracks can be on the "track analysis" to examine and normalize.

In order to prevent to according to the was chosen, mp3gain about a clipping indicator, which tracks with overdriven volume peaks marked. After the normalization process in the field of clipping is a "yes" should be the reduced. The developers of mp3gain promise in any case, a loss free adjustment of the volume.

All songs of the own music collection to the same volume level, is not only something for highly sensitive tool for music fans, but also for a normal user a real benefit. For playback, it at least guarantees no more bad surprises for the ears.

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You can free download MP3Gain latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Glen Sawyer
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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