MAGIX Music Maker full version

MAGIX Music Maker full version
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Features of MAGIX Music Maker

With the Magix Music Maker full version, you can produce on any number of audio or midi tracks your own hits. Either play the songs via the sound card, use vst instruments via a midi keyboard, or use clips from over 6,000 included loops of the different areas from rock to dubstep. This soundpool for more allows you to music randomly to generate, similar to apple's garageband. A wide range of effects and dynamics processors for the final mix are also included in the scope of the professional sequencer such as the possibility of 5.1 surround to produce or videos to set to music.

If you uncomplicated and professional music composing and producing, the sequencer software "magix music maker live". The cost effective alternative to professional programs such as "motu digital performer" or "steinberg cubase" provides you with any number of audio, midi and video tracks, where you after desire and mood items on the timeline, arrange, loop, copy, and move. Using a connected sound interface play carefully bass or guitar licks, import audio, such as wav or mp3 files, or take the vocals on.

With a usb connected midi keyboard, you can access the supplied vst instruments. Thus, the electric piano, a variety of much worth listening to piano sound. You need brass, you can use pop brass found in the vintage organ. For the necessary groove is, for example, the drum engine, and for die hard guitar riffs has magix the tool to the power guitar of the vehicle. Completes the "music maker" with the classic synthesizer dn e1, and the modules revolta 2 and vita 2. The finishing touches to the recorded tracks take you through an usual midi editor. Here you can play overdubs, correct note values or to vary the velocity parameter (velocity).

If you are lacking the necessary "virtuosity" on the keyboard, this is for the "magix music maker live", no problem. Similar to the successful garageband by apple to create them with the correct modules of your songs randomly. In addition to sequencers such as the loop designer for trendy drum drumbass, the drum synthesizer/sequencer robota or the classic rhythm machine beat box, the clips are from a pool of over 6,000 sounds and loops with an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration. From the ten areas from rock and pop to dubstep to metal and electro combine with coordinated samples of horns, drums, guitars, percussion, strings, keyboard or vocal and effects clips. You can, of course, the harmonies vary.

Are your tracks completely, set independently for each track effects such as reverb, echo, chorus, flanger, or sound filter. "magix music maker live" provides you in addition to these standard options, and also professional features, such as a vocoder or vocal strip is a specially on voice messages and voice recordings tuned dynamic processor with compressor, deesser, gate and filter ready. If you want a singing part or in live recorded solo instruments "leaning" sounds correct, comes vocal tune to use. With this brilliant tool, you change not only individual notes, but a recording is harmonious to the existing audio. Specially for authentic guitar and bass sounds is the simulation suite vandal ready, the different amps, miced cabinets, and effects studied.

For the overall sound, set, finally, in the mix bereich the volume and the stereo position of the individual tracks, muting tracks, or listen to solo. And, of course, elements such as a metronome or a bpm display as little like missing a variable indication of time. Rounding out the pro package with a 5.1 sorround ability and vst support for external plugins with a mastering suite, which has a limiter, 6 band equalizer, analyzer, and a stereo enhancer in addition to numerous presets for the final mix. The "music maker" but still more, because the software allows you to your videos is easy new music. To do this, download either mov, avi or wmv clips or transfer the images from directshow compatible usb cameras, graphics, tv or video cards. Your movie, then export not only with new audio base in one of the mentioned formats, but provided if necessary, before with the striking title overlays. The finished song or set to music video clips post out of the program directly on facebook, youtube, and soundcloud or burn them to cd.

In addition to this live version, there is the "music maker" also available in a standard edition, which, with its stripped down functionality is somewhat more favourable. You will find there "only" to 3,000 sounds and loops in six music genres, can only have 99 tracks to edit, no 5.1 mixes, create and have on the instruments, pop brass, vintage organ, jazz drums and the revolta 2 synthesizer refrain.

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License:Trial version
Developer:Magix Software GmbH
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, XP sp1, sp2, sp3 64 bit / 32 bit / x32 / x64
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