Features of Screamer Radio

Screamer radio: just listen and record. An easy to use radio offers the software. There are not only various streaming technologies, but can also request the music stored on your computer. The software works similar to the music recording to the previous kasettenrecordern. The software screamer radio also offers numerous radio stations. These are not only national in scope. Also international radio stations can make use of this software is to be consulted. This is your chance to get international songs before the release in germany sing along to.

About shoutcast and icecast can radio streams automatically be used. Screamer radio supports mp3 streaming, icecast ogg vorbis streaming, wma straming and aac streaming. A special highlight is a buffer that allows a song in the middle of recording, but it is still complete on the disk to save. For most formats transferred directly into an mp3 format is encoded. It is free and available to download free of charge.

The installation of the program screamer radio is very easy and should even by inexperienced users without any further more problems is easy can be performed. The interface is available in german, english, french and spanish. Similar downloads are for example: online radio tuner, quintessential player, nexus radio, lastfmproxy, evil player, and phonostar player. A nice alternative to usual programs. Easy to use without previous knowledge. A prerequisite for the use of the software screamer radio is a windows xp and/or windows vista from microsoft. Also necessary for the use of the software is the internet to the provided to be able to use.

Screenshot screamer radio

You can free download Screamer Radio latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, notebook, laptop, pc