Features of Mozilla Firefox

Along with google chrome and internet explorer, Firefox the most popular internet browsers in the world. The free open source program handles all the latest web standards such as html5 or css3 and it owes its success not least is a well thought out security concept: while inexperienced users on the sensible default can leave, there are professionals in the mozilla browser, other features like a cookie and rights management. At the same time, contains firefox is a modern javascript engine, which is about when viewing pdf documents.

Firefox offers a number of practical functions that make your daily work easier: adds an auto complete already when typing in the address bar, the rest of a domain. This rich usually have a few letters to a requested web page to open. The function tabs group allows you to make all your open tabs in a browser window. So to keep you for many open pages is always the overview. To conserve memory and to make the browser start to accelerate, loads of firefox the web pages but only then, when you return to the associated switch. A further characteristic of the firefox are the so called app tabs. Here is an open tab on the request to be a tiny icon in the tab bar minimizes. If you have websites with music and language to disrupt, simply click on the speaker icon in the tab and rest.

When you're not on your collected bookmarks refrain, firefox, the sync option. A free firefox account provided transfers to sync favorites, add ons and browser settings on multiple computers and synchronizes the data regularly. So you can also participate in third party computers or in an internet cafe just as comfortable as at home surfing or with iphone, ipad or android smartphone on bookmarks and passwords to access.

An important aspect of the network is the security. In private mode, you move with firefox in the internet without cookies, passwords, browsing history, downloaded files or other user data to be stored locally. In addition, the function blocks a wide range of services whose goal it is, you in the web to identify and their behavior to analyze. Thanks to these options, you can protect your privacy when you deal with several people a computer parts or in public places to surf.

In addition to the private mode, you can use firefox to create the tracking cookies if necessary, also generally prevent. It can even be for each site to explicitly define which passwords, cookies or location data at all may be saved. Practical: the browser deletes on close automatically defined elements such as the list of visited pages, the chronicle download, cache, all the form data, or cookies. Similarly, the page origin before loading is checked. So warns firefox in front of websites, through the distribution of malware or other dubious practices are noticed. In addition, you will get a notice when trying to a add on without authorization to install.

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Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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