Features of AVI Media Player

When avi media player download keeps the name of what he promises. The simple playback device plays the eponymous clips either video for video or playlist basis.

Created play lists with the avi media player both save as well as afterwards edit. Thanks to an internal search function, see film, even in large collections quickly to the desired clip. A bit irritating, however, is that the control buttons of the avi player from his work only by mouse over appear. This feature can be disable.

The avi media player proves to be as purist players for video files and does not positively defined on any bells and whistles in terms of operation, comfort, preferences, or user interface. For scores of video player, after all, with storable playlists, and supports not only avi movies, but also many other common video formats.

First look of the film fan, however, on a completely black surface. The controls are in the normal state is hidden and appear only when moving the mouse. Who is the mouse pointer in the upper regions of the window moves, sees some emerging buttons and operation instruments. With a click on open it loads the desired movie, plays him with play and stop the playback by clicking on stop. The sound via the speaker icon to enable or disable, and with a slider to the desired volume setting.

Who a check mark next to show all controls set, knocking on playlist functions. Any videos can be download and in a playlist. Individual entries in the list can be in the list, supplemented or deleted. The desired files in the playlist to load, and then as a text file, for later re enter. The current playlist can set the flag to remember the current playlist will automatically be kept and made available in the program folder under the name currentlist.txt ready. With the search function you can browse through this list and also has extensive film lists reliable grip. That was it however already to the functions of the declared purists among the video players. Those who have a little more comfort when playing his own collection of preferred, takes place in our software offer numerous further free video player for download.

Screenshot avi media player

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