Features of Snapshot

To whom his data is dear and expensive are the manufactures regular backups on external media. The imager drive snapshot ensures, via the push of a button complete hard disk partitions into image files and preserved in this manner, snapshots of the operating system that is installed with all the programs and settings. With a complete image, one has the certainty that all important application data and stored e mails to get to safety. The finished image files can be drive snapshot as virtual drives to mount, which with the explorer individual files copying.

Drive snapshot is a 240 kbyte smaller and without installation of executable disk imager, the images of complete partitions are created. Even backing up the system partition in the current operation is in the offer. With the same program you can use the image later as a virtual drive and mount the individual backed up files from there to copy back. To an image on a bare hard drive restore, start snapshot.exe best from a boot cd with windows pe, with the pe builder can create. A vista dvd is: click start click repair your computer and open a command prompt in order to snapshot.exe from the hard drive or a usb stick to start.

Screenshot snapshot

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