Features of Adobe Audition

The automatic pitch correction effect is both waveform as well as in the multitrack editor. In the latter, the parameters with keyframes, and external control surfaces be automated over time. Determines the best for the material suitable scaling type: major, minor, or chromatic. "major" or "minor" correct notes according to the specified tonality of the music. "chromatically" corrected the next note regardless of the key signature.

Represents the desired key signature for the corrected material. This option is only available when the scale value is larger or smaller set (because the scale chromatically all 12 tones, and not specific key).

The combination of scale and key defines the signature. Controls how quickly adobe audition, the pitch in the direction of the skalatons corrected. Faster settings are generally ideal for notes with short duration, for example, a quick staccato passage. An extremely short response time can, however, cause a robotic sound. Smaller values provide a more natural sound for longer sustained notes (for example, a singer, a note holds and vibrato adds). Since the source during a musical presentation may change, you can achieve optimal results by the separate correction short music sections.

Defines the threshold beyond which notes will not be corrected. Sensitivity is in cents measured. Each semitone contains 100 cents. A value of 50 cents for sensitivity means that a note is within 50 cents (half a semitone) of a zielskalatons must lie before it is automatically corrected. Select a source channel in which pitch changes are most evident. The effect is analyzed only for the selected channel, and applies the pitch correction equally to all the channels.

Specifies the fast fourier transform of each data item is fixed, the effect is processed. Use smaller values for correcting higher frequencies. In voices provides a setting of 2048 or 4096 sounds most natural result. Use of short staccato notes or percussive audio is a setting of 1024. In western music, the standard a4, so 440 hz. Source can, however, with a different standard have been recorded. For this reason, you can use a4 values from 410 to 470 hz.

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