Features of Screenshot captor

Screenshot captor is an all round software that the contents of your screen document. No matter whether you the current desktop of one or more connected screens, a selected area or selectively window elements want to capture – this free tool has all the required modes. Even scrolling window content, which is only a scroll to completely view, to keep you completely with a "screen captor". The capture mode select either via mouse click in the system tray or by an individually defined hotkey. On request, the pointer is also photographed. "screenshot captor" waits, if necessary, a certain amount of time before the photo is shot. Do you want stories to create, provides the car function. Here, in a predetermined interval of the snapshots captured. Either until you finish the process, or until a set number of images is reached. With "screenshot captor" take you also directly to your scanner.

If you create a screenshot, open a dialog box on your image either to print as graphics in formats such as jpg, png, bmp, and gif, or save as pdf, copy to clipboard, or to your e mail program. Alternatively, it ends up in the program's own graphics editor in which you edit photo. In addition to the "easy" trim the required cutout, changing the size or the precise angle turn, you will find numerous other tools. As the editor vector oriented works, it is possible that all your interventions at your discretion, to modify or revoke. Add text in variable font sizes and colors, change the transparency of the background of such explanatory texts and set them up if necessary, right justified, left justified, centered, or justified.

If you want specific information on the image to highlight, arrows, where the arrowheads and line size and color, customize, and at the target tip add text. In addition, use rectangles or ellipses and put the flexible highlighters, among other things, color and transparency freely. If you do not select this, browse from a wide range of clip art suitable items. The offer includes arrows, numbers, buttons, hand symbols, ornaments and much more. Completes the range of functions, with effects like shadows, a sharpness filter or blur effect, with the marked areas of over and so obscure. Further, the the contrast and brightness correct, and change the color saturation.

Screenshot screenshot captor

You can free download Screenshot captor latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

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