Features of IsoBuster

With isobuster you can select files and folders no longer properly readable disks save. This is supported by the software in addition to optical media in addition, hard drives, memory cards and flash drives. Also the disk images with the software open.

After the start lists isobuster in a drop down list to all found disk. A selection has been made, shows the tool after an analysis of all the retrieved files and, taking into account primary and secondary file systems, as well as previous sessions of burned disks.

The navigation on the disk is similar to the windows explorer. After a right or double click the files and folders from the disk extracted, so to be restored. It should then always be different than the source disk as the location to be selected.

On read errors breaks isobuster the copy process is not simple, but offers several methods for handling errors and fills in unreadable sectors, for example with dummy data. The read out procedure, as well as the access to the data takes place entirely through software and therefore not on the deployment and interpretation of the data by windows limited.

Also disk images using isobuster open. Unlike the name suggests, it is possible, however, data of almost all image formats can be extracted, among other things, bin, img, or tao. Isobuster is shareware. Although in the unregistered version of the basic functions without time limitation, be used, to recover data without purchasing a license key, however, is not permanently possible.

Screenshot isobuster

You can free download IsoBuster latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:Smart Project
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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