Features of DVD Flick

Dvd flick is a simple but very powerful dvd authoring tool. So that you can select existing video files and take it in a very comfortable way to burn a dvd with an autostart, several films can easily be played successively. Limited the program is not on the direct burn, it can also rip dvd folder and iso files for later burning to be created.

Supported container formats such as avi, mpg, mov, wmv, asf, flv, matroska and mp4. Supported codecs are amongst others, mpeg 1/2/4 (xvid, divx, etc), windows media audio ideo. Mp3, ogg vorbis, h264, and on2 vp5. Included external programs, dvd flick, for example, for encoding, muxing and demuxing is used, is either freeware, some are open source, too.

It is recommended that the video and audio separately, since the program itself otherwise only the files demuxed to you later re muxing. If multiple audio tracks or subtitle files, dvd flick will handle it. The creation of the dvd is simple: it is a dvd project is created, one or more titles will be added, sorted and then edited. Each title can be from a video, multiple audio tracks and subtitles.

In the settings you also determine the size of the dvd, the video format and other properties of the dvd. All the settings can conveniently be done, selections are understandable. A simple, but very clear help to round off this program.

Screenshot dvd flick

You can free download DVD Flick latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Dennis Meuwissen
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • notebook, computer, laptop, pc