Features of Cooliris

Cooliris makes viewing images on websites like flickr, youtube, myspace or google images to true joy. The freeware displays the images on these web pages in a kind of photo gallery. All the images are on a send iconostas displayed in 3d, the cooliris saves even the annoying scrolling of the page. Also, you can with a click to start slideshow or each picture by clicking in full screen mode.

Also locally stored pictures and photos show the freeware, on request, in a full screen gallery. A cooliris built in search tool scours the most popular photo portal in the network for matching motifs. A list of supported websites in the downloads area. Unfortunately, the desktop versions of the plugins are not developed any further, since the developer on mobile platforms would like.

Screenshot cooliris

You can free download Cooliris latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:Cooliris Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • pc, notebook, laptop, computer