Features of McAfee SiteAdvisor

The firefox and internet explorer extension mcafee siteadvisor helps you safely browse the internet by in addition to the search results, an icon is displayed over the security of the displayed web page informs.

Mcafee siteadvisor extends your internet explorer, firefox, or chrome to a search box and a browser button. Now search the internet for a page that shows you the mcafee siteadvisor with one of the 5 icons on, if this page has been verified and if so, with what result. This distinguishes the program between safe, dangerous, caution, warning, or unknown. For determining the safety of an internet page mcafee daily checks of internet sites, and can thus according to its own figures, 90% of the websites cover. It should be with the defense against viruses not even worked out, you can still use the mcafee labs stinger to remove. The new version promises an improved and expanded virus signature.

Mcafee siteadvisor alerts you to the presence of both pop ups as well as dangerous viruses such as trojans. Mcafee siteadvisor has a user interface that, among other things, in english is available. The free freeware version, the paid version of mcafee siteadvisor plus to some features add.

Further programs in this area, which is also free under netzwelt.de can download are, for example, no nsfw, piclens, plusbar toolbar, t online browser, safari, and torrentbar. Mcafee siteadvisor is a very useful extension for your internet browser. The program can in advance indicate potential hazards, and it helps especially unexperienced users to safely browse the internet.

Screenshot mcafee siteadvisor

You can free download McAfee SiteAdvisor latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:McAfee, Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • pc, computer, notebook, laptop