Features of AIMP

For the playback of music there are countless different programs available winamp is one of the most popular solutions. With aimp 4.00.1683 is a russian development team, so to speak, an alternative to the industry darling all with a classic audio player functions.

As for a software for playing music, can also aimp with a variety of different formats work. In addition to common file types such as mp3, wma, wav and ogg can be found on the support list many more formats, including aac, ac3, ape, flac, it, mod, m4a, m4b, mo3, mpc, mp1, mp2, mtm, ops, speex, s3m, umx, wavpack, xm. In short: aimp can play with almost any music file to start something.

Quite the well known model of winamp accordingly, the developers of aimp your software with classic audio player functions. This way, users can create playlists, internet radio programs from or the look of your player with skins customize. Aimp power, thanks to an editor is also possible, song edit information.

The practical features include the sleep function, the program at a predetermined time is terminated automatically or on request, even the entire computer shuts down. In addition, the player offers visualizations, and an interface for plug ins, with the functionality to expand.

The visual similarity with the well known audio player winamp is probably by design but also under the hood provides aimp, what one of such software is expected. Thanks to skins and plug ins, it makes the software in addition to their own needs.

Screenshot aimp

You can free download AIMP latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:AIMP DevTeam
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, notebook, pc, laptop