Features of Zune

With zune can play music, videos, tv shows and more on the internet to purchase and download or stream. Zune offers all the features that a modern music retailers in the internet are expected, but more like in a record store, as in a shopping mall feel. Zune focuses on ease of use, high optical requirements, and ease of use. The choices are not only pieces of music you buy, download, or streaming, but also videos, tv shows, movies, trailers, and previews, as well as thousands of video and audiopodcasts.

Furthermore, there are even games, new or classic, for download. Zunes "quickplay" lets you quickly to your preferred media access, by bookmark from your favorites and recently downloaded or played by the media created. "smart dj automatically creates playlists with similar songs, as you prefer. Thus, one can, without effort, new artist to know, which you might like.

With the "mini mode" is the zune player on the desktop so reduced that other programs can use and still see which songs just played. Zunes "mixview" allows for a mosaic like view of links between songs, albums, artists and fans, by similarity, or preferences, are connected to each other. For the xbox 360 is supposed to zune also soon appear, but the software remains on the pc for the time being only for the united states and puerto rico available.

Zune is a good alternative for all those from the united states or puerto rico, the itunes can not do, and yet a wide range of media.

Screenshot zune

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License:Trial version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, notebook, pc, laptop