Features of HyperCam

Hypercam followed all the screen activities and save them as video files in avi format. The software is particularly suitable for creating video tutorials and animated topics in livedocs help. A simple, flexible system makes its first successes within a very short time to grasp. The version 3 from solveig multimedia, a different manufacturer, produced. Full version is no longer available for purchase. However, those who still have old license keys, the older version will continue to download and use.

With hypercam you can see all the actions on the screen as avi video document. Everything on the desktop happens it will be recorded: mouse movement, opening and closing windows, launching applications, clicking on buttons or entering text. It is remarkable to the application that also sound recordings, text and add notes can be made. With these characteristics, proves to be hypercam as an ideal tool for demonstrations and presentations, and for creating automated software demos. The output quality of the videos you can in the run up configure. For example, the frame rate and the compression quality can be set.

Other features of the program include a unique panning mode in which the screen area of your cursor follows, the possibility of recording in each screen depth and commenting on the films with text on the context menu during the recording.

You should always been interested in, the processes on your screen in the form of a video capture, the ease of handling of the hypercam for this project, sure to delight. The use of the software is quick to learn and already in the shortest possible time, the first to create movies. The use of the program is free of charge.

Screenshot hypercam

You can free download HyperCam latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:Hyperionics Technology
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, notebook, laptop, pc