Features of ImageMagick

At image magick is a program which allows almost any image format into other formats can convert. It is also used to image magick also for the image processing and provides interfaces for the programming.

At image magick, there is almost nothing there in terms of photo editing. So it is easy to bmp images highly compressed jpegs to create or a text on an image. But also, features such as the conversion of images to pdf format and offer a interface for programmers to make image magick to a very comprehensive product.

A particular strength of the program is the rapid processing of many image files, with just a few inputs. Practically, if for example, many image files with a lettering mistake or the like. However, it could be rather for advanced users will be helpful, because although there are graphical user interfaces (gui), but not yet the full functionality of image magick mirror. It has, for example, the free postscript software called ghostscript installed, you can even convert pdfs into images, convert, and vice versa! There is hardly a tool, this function free of charge offers. Also included is an interface for the programmer. With this, it is possible, the functionality of image magick in its software process.

The functionality of imagemagick is simply gigantic. To do this, the tool is free and offers far more functionality than other free programs of this art although there are graphical user interfaces for imagemagick, however, is unfortunately not so mature that all features are completely usable. For advanced users and software developers, however, it is a non essential image conversion and editing application.

Screenshot imagemagick

You can free download ImageMagick latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:ImageMagick Studio LLC
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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