Features of Photobucket

Photobuckets affinity to social media already shows the log: the entry is the access of twitter or facebook possible, the services will be using photobucket connected and apply the saved profile picture. Then, for example, newly uploaded photos directly to an entry on the facebook wall to be announced. Photobucket supports pretty much any blog service, any web 2.0 platform and important publishing system. To each photo spits out the site links for its inclusion in external websites. Apps for android and ios do on the way and upload picture albums. Disturbing only the on each side intrusive presence of the banner, and that the service is so far only speaks english.

When upload is photobucket flexible: from the webcam to mass uploads by "bulk uploader" to get the image collections quickly in the photo bucket. Albums with customized themes individually. The visibility of albums is just as easy to control: slider bar to illustrate the setting from "public" to "password protected". The basic account is free the available volume of photos from external sites is ten gb in the month. Photos from local computer to upload users should, however, be unlimited to videos, the system lets the monthly 500 files. From 1,67 dollars monthly, the restrictions as well off as those annoying advertisements.

Screenshot photobucket

You can free download Photobucket latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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