Features of Movie Converter

Or create a video dvd you need mpeg-2 files, the the movie converter with the help of ffmpeg and mpeg-2enc created. A special feature of the right feature rich converter is the simple specification of the aspect ratio. You can create a file, pretending that what aspect ratio the final film to receive a transformation in the formats 16:9 and 4:3 is possible. One has a film in the format of ntsc, it can be with movie converter in the format of pal convert.

Only after the registration offers the shareware features such as a batch function and a sectional function. The latter intervenes in the preview on quicktime, not quicktime supported video formats such as mpeg-2, you must without a preview cut. Video and audio filters are also part of the repertoire. New in the current version is the fully automatic creation of video dvds including menu: you just have a folder with mpegs to select. On request, secures the tool to the finished video dvd as a disk image.

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