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Features of Nero Burning ROM

A disk with Nero Burning Rom full version for windows 7 to burn, you can first choose to start of the program, manually open a new project. You can in the window "new compilation" on the top left select the tab, whether a cd, dvd, or bluray disc burn want. To any format you about the other menu items many options available. For example, if you have a data cd, you can use the fields "info", "multisession", "iso", "title", "date", "diverse" and "burn" for additional options.

The field "info" shows, for example, whether the disc already contains data and when the disc which burned. This menu is especially interesting, if you have a multisession disc, with additional data filling want. Via the tab "multisession" you can decide whether you again later for more files on this disk to burn, or this is equal to be completed. Here you also have the option of a multisession data disc to continue.

On the "iso" you can select the data mode, file system, or even the character set change. Under the "title" to fit the disk name. The date field offers you the possibility of the creation date, modification date, and the time to change. Under the tab "burn", you can select individual steps for nero to define. Thus, the program can, for example, the maximum burning rate, determine, simulate the burning process, the disc finalize the disc (no multisession longer possible) or all of the data after the burn process again check.

Here you can so the writing speed and the writing method selecting. In the disc at once writing method, the whole disk including lead in and lead out (start and end) at once is written.

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License:Trial version
Developer:Nero AG
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Windows 7 64 bit / 32 bit / x32 / x64 Home Basic, Ultimate, Enterprise, Starter, Home Premium, Professional
  • laptop, notebook, computer, pc