Features of MP3 Splitter

Convincing from the first moment on: mp3 splitter is small, easy to install and promises mp3s to chop up (split). Although the program is german in the home comes from is the user interface to english. This is not further dramatically, since the input to just a few fields limited. How to use the mp3 splitter a large mp3 into multiple smaller pieces, shows the following net world tutorial. We have been aware of for mp3 splitter, because the tool is not only small and portable, but also free as freeware for download.

If the file has been selected, you can up the file size in bytes and the length in minutes recognize. You can the mp3 on the basis of three different criteria parts: size, duration, or precise time. Select your setting at the bottom of the window. Enter an output file (output file). In our example it is "part1", the mp3 splitter automatically sets 001 999.mp3 as the file extension.

With "create" to start the process. Our source file was 3:50 minutes, after the operation is the first file of 3:20 and the second 30 seconds. In the options, you can make the work easier, by default directories.

Screenshot mp3 splitter

You can free download MP3 Splitter latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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