Features of Calibre

Books are increasingly digital, on a special ebook reader or smartphones and netbooks read. The free application "calibre" is the appropriate management and conversion software for your ebooks. It reads all major book formats: the epub format for iphone and ipad comes to the formats mobi and azw3, the for example, when "kindle"ebook reader, or "kindle fire tablet" from amazon be used. Your ebooks, you can clear your list to be targeted for individually assigned keywords to a search key data like "title", "author" and the cover change or reviews and notes.

The built in ebook viewer that displays your books on the computer screen. The functionality with bookmark management, variable font size, or search function leaves little to be desired. "calibre" also includes an editor for ebooks in the formats epub and azw3 for professional editing. For example, you can add comments, text and the table of contents to change the layout of the text or adjust a find and replace function. The performance of the editor is huge, and thanks to a wysiwyg view, they are always well in the picture.

Their "calibre" recorded books convert easily into the desired target format. There is a wide variety of parameters available about the layout and formatting is adjust. In a few minutes to create a pdf document or an html file of an ebook for your ipad, or convert a book from the apple store in the format for the sony reader. The open source program to help in the search for new reading fodder, because a search function browse easily in dozens of commercial online stores such as amazon or libri as well as in free offers such as the "project gutenberg".

By clicking grab in addition to messages from over 1500 international news portals. In the offer one can find over 80 german news channels, for example, "time", "mirror" and "news". Selected channels will be updated regularly and in the required ebook format. Finally, the "calibre" also for the exchange of data with your reader. Just a click of the mouse, and selected books are sent to itunes and the next sync on your iphone copied.

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You can free download Calibre latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Kovid Goyal
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, pc, laptop, notebook