Features of Opera

Opera belongs in addition to firefox and chrome to the most popular browsers and provides an alternative to internet explorer and microsoft edge. The software from norway is based on the open source chromium project that google chrome is used. opera was a pioneer in the tabbed browsing, so when working with multiple browser windows in the form of tabbed browsing (tabs).

Practically, the mouse gestures to perform work by the combination of mouse movements and mouse clicks. Mouse gestures are suitable for example for the page forward and backward and reloading a page, and to close any tab or minimize a window. opera handles all the latest web technologies such as html5 or css3 and displays pdf documents with the built in viewer.

The speed dial page, the your favorite sites in the opera as mini thumbnails displays, appears on demand when the program starts or when you open a new tab and is the ideal starting point for surfing. As with the competition merging address bar and search field is an input area. However, you can at opera not only in a default search, but by simple letters before the search term directly into alternative portals such as wikipedia search.

At home, in the office or in the internet cafe provides private browsing for that to the left of the browser window all the data in your grid excursion are deleted. In the individual stores of the private mode of the opera neither the browsing history nor cache data or cookies. But also in normal browsing, opera a high level of security and protects you from phishing sites, or sites with other malicious programs such as spyware. By the do not track feature, you can prevent web pages their behavior to analyze. On request will also pop ups and java programs as well blocks such as complete websites, graphics and videos. In addition, you can access internet sites on webcams or microphones to perform. If your privacy in public wlans are safeguarded, opera the proprietary vpn solution surfeasy. Up to a volume of 500 megabytes per month is this encryption choice free of charge.

Under certain circumstances, helps you to opera, the performance in poor network connections to improve. The opera turbo compresses this data when browsing, for example, by the transmission of images in reduced quality. Do you have a free account with opera is created, bookmarks, open tabs, speed dial, passwords and history entries with any computer to sync, at which time they log on. Use the opera browser on their mobile devices, on android systems bookmarks, tabs, speed dial, and history taken. And in the ios world, you can with the ipad and iphone at least still have your bookmarks sync. Complete opera, among other things, with the discover feature, which you with the latest news and events always keeps up to date. The info will be here countries and specific topics shown.

Analogous to firefox, and google chrome is available with opera a wide range of extensions available. You can make about the interface with numerous themes or change the functionality of the opera about free add ons; for example, through additional data protection measures, with social media options for services such as facebook and twitter, or shopping tools for amazon, ebay.

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License:Free version
Developer:Opera Software
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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