AVI to MP4 Converter full version

AVI to MP4 Converter full version
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Features of AVI to MP4 Converter

Avi videos into the mp4 format, which makes the freeware free Avi To Mp4 Converter full version in the simplest way possible. And the tool will be dominated even more format.

All the necessary encoder and decoder brings the free avi to mp4 converter download already with. So can the old, wide spread video format avi to mp4 files will be converted, without that, after marc look. For a good quality of the built in ffmpeg codec, the same is installed. Thesis mp4 videos on smartphones a standard and are usually of equal quality, is also significantly smaller.

The name of The program says it clearly, what is the purpose of the free avi to mp4 converter. However, as already mentioned, the program can even a lot more. Only would be the name for the type of naming convention is pretty long. Because, of course, we can avi videos download and in mp4. And that includes the various avi codecs, divx and xvid. But, in addition, dominates the program nor the conversion of source video in formats of mov, and wma, mpeg1 and mpeg-2 as well as the format.

With the button open, we load the source video. When loading is supported, the pull down menu in the file dialog, the format of avi, wmv, mov as well as rm and mpg. But you can also click the all files, switch to video to load a different file extension. If we don't change, is automatically the same directory as the target directory selected. And now we only need to click on convert to make the conversion to start. A small window informs us that the conversion of avi videos to mp4 format starts and when it is done.

The result of the conversion are mp4 videos, which are on all current smartphones, tablets, and mp4 player can be played. The manufacturer indicates that the avi to mp4 converter from windows xp to windows 7 works. We have it on windows 10 without problems can use. The use of the program is free of charge.

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