Features of Google Chrome

In comparison to the large browser is google chrome along with firefox at the top. The central concern of chrome makers is the fast surfing the net. One reason for the speedy page rendering is the function omnibox pre rendering. These guesses almost while you are typing an address, presumably to be called website, and starts in the background with the transfer. Your favorite sites will appear faster on the screen, since they mostly already finished are loaded, if they are to be displayed. Similar to working instant pages function determines which link you probably clicked and loads ahead of the corresponding page.

Address bar and search box, to merge with google chrome to the so called omnibox. Enter a term, the browser detects automatically, whether it is a web address or a search term. While you are typing, you will receive a continually updated list of job proposals from previous searches. The same is true for the hit list: you can see immediately if your entry is already too interesting search hits.

The handling of the very compact chrome browser is geared to best practice standards: using tab to work simultaneously with multiple websites, without losing the overview. A tab can drag drop also as a separate window to be opened. Practical: when you call the browser (if no other home has been set) or a blank tab open, you will find an overview of the most frequently visited web pages either in the form of thumbnails or as a list of links. At this point you can also add your favorite sites is firmly anchored. In addition, the recently closed websites listed, and you have direct access to the browser history. Technically mastered the chrome all of the current standards of html5 to css3. With the built in print preview can pages as pdf document. And thanks to the built in pdf viewer, read pdf downloads directly in the browser. Google chrome runs each browser tab including javascript or plugins in a separate sandbox.

This secure environment will block access to critical areas of the system, and prevents malicious code, on your computer once again. To increase the data security, you can use the incognito browser window chrome surfing, without traces of websites visited or cookies are stored. This is primarily useful when you have multiple users accessing your computer or public computers to surf. google chrome also detects phishing pages, or web pages, the other malware. Potentially dangerous downloads identified as chrome based on a black list of known malware infested files, and a white list of harmless programs. Also against malware attacks on the browser is google chrome prepared: toolbars, which are usually undesirable by other programs to be installed, activates the browser only after an explicit confirmation of the user. There are also changes to the home page only with your consent. The activated do not track feature prevents websites their behavior to analyze.

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License:Free version
Developer:Google Inc.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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