AudioGrabber for Windows 7 64 bit

AudioGrabber for Windows 7 64 bit
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Features of AudioGrabber

Audiograbber for windows 7 64 bit is a fast tool for digitally reading and saving audio tracks of a music. The specialty of audiograbber is the quick copy method "unbuffered burst copy", the many drives optimal results at low reading time achieved.

Audiograbber is a good choice when it comes to cds to read and the tracks on the hard disk. The functionality of audiograbber meets even professional demands and shines with bitrates of between 8 and 256 kbit per second, and automatic normalization of the piece. Even a final crc check is possible. And thanks to the built in cddb support also includes the tedious work of typing, when you type the title accrues, a thing of the past. The configuration of the desired parameters is carried out via a very clear menu in which the desired selection variant.

Unlike other mp3 encoders, can audiograbber, not just a whole cd or individual tracks in a file transform. According to user's desire can also be only a particular section of tracks. If in audiograbber multiple files in a row to be encoded, the feature "normalization", with all the tracks on a single volume set. Other extras are the removal of unnecessary breaks at the beginning and end of pieces of music, a cd player with volume control and progress bar as well as various naming options.

The recording with audiograbber to work in a breakneck speed, but deviates from usual methods. Audiograbber creates a wav file. This is the mp3 file generated. To with audiograbber as mp3 files to write the file lameenc.dll in the directory the ripper. Alternatively, enter the path to the file in the program options.

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License:Trial version
Developer:Jackie Franck
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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