Free Youtube To MP3 Converter for Windows 7 64 bit

Free Youtube To MP3 Converter for Windows 7 64 bit
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Features of Free Youtube To MP3 Converter

In addition to all sorts of more or less valuable content, youtube is also one of the most comprehensive sources of music. With the free mini program Free Youtube To Mp3 Converter for windows 7 64 bit can music clip bookmark directly in mp3 format to be downloaded.

How the software works is very simple: as the name suggests, the free youtube to mp3 converter from all youtube hosted videos, audio, track, extract, and in mp3 format (or other format) on the hard drive. In terms of operation, it makes the program to the user as simply as possible. To start, make sure the link is copied to the clipboard and the tool to be inserted. After that, you can choose how high the quality of the downloads should be, and in what format on the hard disk will be deposited. Finished: after a click on the "download" migrates the corresponding clip from the world's largest video platform on your own computer. Tip: a higher video quality leads here later, mostly to get a better audio experience.

It is especially practical that the program so with links to playlists, can deal with. So can a whole series of songs or other audio content equal to be downloaded at once, without the individual links in the tool to enter. In addition, the converter tool, the possibility of clips, including a video on your hard disk to save. Free youtube to mp3 converter is offered free of charge in this case, would the developer, but some content can save. With the tool of land as, for instance, numerous zusatzprogamme on the computer, during the installation it should be disabled. This would be a purely ad supported version is definitely a more charming impression.

Free youtube to mp3 converter does exactly what the name promises: it ends up the favorite youtube videos fast in the desired on the hard disk. Unfortunately, during the installation annoying accessory to bear, for example, in the form of add ons in the browser anchor wants. Who is the well functioning converter tool wants to use, should therefore in any case during the installation to keep the eyes open.

Limitation: in the free version of free youtube to mp3 converter is the download speed limited, but enough for the short download on in between each case. Whom it when video download too sedate, than the can on the manufacturer's homepage, starting from 10 euros a premium membership for three devices to complete. Tip: during the installation, select necessarily the point of the "custom installation (advanced user)". Then select the installation of additional software, for example, zonealarm free firewall, so in addition to the free youtube to mp3 converter not other programs installed on your computer. If so, you need this step multiple times. You can also choose the point "browser add ons", unless you change your browser, download manager want.

Bonus tip: free youtube to mp3 converter installs a small service called "netlogger.exe" on the computer on which it is used. It is a program that the manufacturer may have problem with its own software to be notified.

Those who don't want to first open task manager (ctrl alt delete simultaneously on the keyboard press task manager and then the tab "details" to select) and searches for the entry "netlogger.exe". Click with the right mouse button and select "open file location". It now opens the explorer in the correct directory, and the netlogger.exe is automatically selected. Go first back to the task manager and click again with the right mouse button on the netlogger.exe. Now select "end task" or "process tree end to end, the execution of the netlogger.exe. Go finally back in the explorer and delete the file from your system so that next time, you no longer load automatically.

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You can free download Free Youtube To MP3 Converter for Windows 7 64 bit latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

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