Features of CDex

Cdex reads audio tracks of music cds and stores them on the hard drive. To do this, insert the cd into the drive, mark the desired songs, the with details of start time, duration and file size, is displayed, and start the copy process. Even the automatic creation of id tags is possible.

With cdex can not only audio cds can be converted, but also wav files. Similarly, the conversion of a source into a target format. The extent of the software cdex are already many codecs, such as ogg vorbis, mp3, and wma. Additionally, cdex also with external audio codecs expandable. Also renames the tool each individual piece of music, do it right with song name, artist and album: this makes the subsequent search or selection very comfortable.

You can then change via "options/settings" the level of quality of the created mp3 files: "192 kbps" as the minimum bit rate is a good compromise between space and sound quality. About the cddb feature of cdex is it possible to track information of the inserted cd and retrieve this information directly in the id3 tags of the audio files created. Go to the tab "remote cddb" (remote cd database), enter your mail address and confirm with "ok". This entry allows, through online connection to the cd database, automatically identify each song and in this way correctly to name. In the options of cdex, you can under "file name" in the field "wav mp3" to enter the place where cdex the created mp3 files will save.

Insert the above created audio cd and right click on the second button from the top ("cd track(s) to compressed audio file, extract"). Go to the windows explorer, browse to the previously specified destination folder for the mp3 files to listen on your mp3 player or copy to itunes to import.

Screenshot cdex

You can free download CDex latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:Georgy Berdyshev
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • notebook, laptop, computer, pc