Features of Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world. Are available in a choice of over 20 million tracks, which are connected to the internet directly and no download can be played. The free version of "spotify" via banners and / or audio advertising. Via the integrated search makes the huge library quickly and easily by title or artist scour. The application also lists all the albums of the desired artist and finds similar songs. The more pieces you have the service listen, the more accurately can the "spotify" your music taste to estimate, and suggests new songs. Your personal playlists, you can also via facebook, twitter or tumblr post. If a song is exceptionally not available in the library, can this upload and is available in your account available for listening.

News about current artists and albums are in "spotify" as much to offer as countless playlists with current top charts of different countries or the viral chart, where you see which songs in social networks around the globe at the most to be shared. If you have the appropriate music for dinner, chill out or for your fitness program are looking for, thematic lists. Equally useful is genre specific music such as rock, rnb, classical, or dance. "spotify", you can wish your facebook account to connect. Then you see in real time what your facebook friends are listening to, or you take a look at the playlists of your contacts, and discover new music.

In addition to music, "spotify" for a variety of audio books from well known authors from dan brown about stephen king up to ken follet. The streaming service offers millions of song lyrics to sing along to. After clicking on "lyrics" to start the synchronized mode, in which, as in karaoke, the text to match the music to be displayed. Alternatively, you can the lyrics completely. The text material comes from the service "musixmatch". Particularly clever: do you know of a line of text, but do not know which song you heard? Also here you can "spotify" to help.

By advertising funded version of "spotify" is available free of charge after registration. For a monthly fee, the service in the premium version is completely without advertisement and restrictions on use. Here you also have the option, on the ipad and iphone and on android smartphones music for offline listening on your device to save it. In addition, you can enjoy in the paid version, your favorite music in the highest quality with 320 kbps and streaming this with the "spotify connect" from your smartphone or tablet to wireless speakers.

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License:Free version
Developer:Spotify Ltd.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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