Features of LAME

The lame mp3 encoder creates audio files in mp3 format. Quality and file size, you can adjust. The lame mp3 encoder developed from a small tool to a full mp3 encoder, now available as freeware with paid mp3 encoders competes. In the conversion to mp3 format using the lame mp3 encoder to either a constant (cbr) or variable bit rate (vbr). Also the average bit rate is abr possible, if a certain size of the file needs to be achieved, with abr in about a mixture of cbr and vbr.

If you use the default settings not to be happy, let in the lame mp3 encoder also many more parameters to adjust. This allows the quality and file size of the created mp3 file to modify. This allows, for example, a very good quality and a large file to the music through the computer, or enjoy an adequate quality at smaller file size to you on the road using the mp3 player to listen to. If you deviate from the preferences dialog box, you should nevertheless know what you're doing; some options, including the "free format bitstreams", by many players, in fact, is not supported, so the file may not be played.

The downloads of the open source source code of lame mp3 encoder free of charge and still have to for the used operating system such as windows, linux or mac os x are compiled. Who would not like this, you can use the software, the lame mp3 encoder is already integrated and also all popular audio codecs supported. The programs include, among other things, the audio editor, audacity, vlc media player and cd ripper jripper, and also as a front end for the lame mp3 encoder.

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You can free download LAME latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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