Features of Tunatic

In the application tunatic is a free music identification software. The software tunatic identifies a current song, e.g. From the radio via the sampling of a liedabschnittes via the microphone input of the computer was recorded. The recording is analyzed and the result is a comparison with a database in the internet. If a match is found, tunatic the artist, the title and a link for more information. The software is characterized by a very simple, graphical user interface. In internet forums you will also get a very high hit rate in the recognition ratings.

The database, which tunatic the results, a tool called tunalyzer filled. This program checks all available on the computer and mp3 files, and created by checkpoints, a kind of fingerprint. These "fingerprints" are then in the online database and are available for tunatic is available. Tunatic is a small, but more than a useful tool. Just friends music, listen to the radio, and on an unknown title encounter, will love it. Tunatic is only available in english, thanks to the clear and simple user interface, this should not cause a problem.

The software are available for both the microsoft operating systems windows 2000 and windows xp, alternatively, it is also for apple's operating system mac os x v10.2 or later offered. Furthermore, tunatic is an active internet connection for the data retrieval of music recognition requires. To the music to be able to analyze must also necessarily a microphone connected to the computer or as in notebooks, now usual to be integrated.

Screenshot tunatic

You can free download Tunatic latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Wild Bits
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • computer, pc, notebook, laptop