Features of WeTransfer

Wetransfer is a practical hosting for large files up to two gigabytes, the completely via the web browser works. Therefore, there is no additional software needed. The free sharehoster even comes completely without registration.

The hosting wetransfer scores with a german speaking upload wizard. With a few clicks of the mouse, adds the users to sending files to a upload archive added. The size of a file or of a file archive is a maximum of two gigabytes. The resulting online archive will remain for a week available. Wetransfer was in december 2009 in amsterdam by the dutch, ronald, hans and bas beerens founded. The web service stores since digital data from a pc or smartphone temporarily on a remote computer system.

Primarily serves the wetransfer download not the sharing of files with others, but sending large files to one or more recipients. The number of addressees is at a maximum of 20 persons limited. According to the providers use of more than two million people per day the service to transfer files. Before the shipment is done, you only have the e mail addresses of the recipient and the sender to enter this starts the upload. Once the web service is the sharing link is generated, and the recipient of the download via a non public web link has started, the sender will receive, respectively, a confirmation e mail. The files are a week after the upload from the server is deleted.

Screenshot wetransfer

You can free download WeTransfer latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • pc, notebook, computer, laptop