Features of ICQ

Icq is a worldwide popular free communication software to chat, and also the ancestor of the instant messenger. Already in 1996 came the first version of the program on the market. With icq in english i seek you (i seek you) chat with multiple friends at the same time via text messages in real time. Your friends are sometimes not online, leave via the instant messaging the software simply news, the this then when you log on immediately to see. Convenient: facebook users have no additional password to remember; logging in to icq to work with the usual login data. And for the case that a one time correspondence traced from the want of all dialogs in the message history stored on your hard drive.

In addition to the text chats, you can communicate via icq via microphone or webcam with your friends in picture and sound. Just as easily share photos, videos, and other files that can be text in another language, use a spell checker or send sms directly from icq, or make phone calls to landlines or cellular phone networks (sms and phone calls are however not free). So while chatting the privacy maintained, you can include the display of your data, such as address or e mail address or the basic contact with them on the user limit in your contacts have entered. It can also options such as video chat or sending of data to suppress.

Through the incorporation of social networks can all the latest news and status messages from facebook, odnoklassniki and vkontakte, or messenger such as google talk and mail.ru agent in icq list. It is no longer necessary to open the browser and in each individual's network login. Should your friends just by google talk be accessible, you must have a chat to the other program switch. Further more, you can from the messenger, out posts and status updates of your friends comment on it. Conversely, your own icqstatus message via one click status update with just a click of the mouse in any of the supported social networks. Friends of internet videos also come at their expense: sent youtube links are automatically embedded videos can be converted and directly in the chat window rendered.

Around to different computers or on the road immediately to write messages, there are web icq. You simply log on to the website of web icq, and are immediately accessible, even without installed client program. Additionally, you can register your e mail account with icq. If you have a mailbox on gmail, yahoo mail, or mail.ru have you receive your messages directly in the main window of the chat software. Practical: a pop up window informs you about new e mails, and answers just a click away.

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License:Free version
Developer:ICQ LLC
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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