Features of BearShare

With the free bearshare download a special client for a community of music friends on the home pc. This community offers songs via the internet to purchase and, to a limited extent also for free exchange.

The music platform is providing around 15 million video and music files for music lovers. After the bearshare download may music, shopped, primarily wants the software but an online exchange be – right. This makes the principle of peer to peer advantage. The rich music on offer on the one hand, and the variety of social components, on the other hand, the platform at the same time to a communications hub for all logged in users. In this way one can, for example, users with a similar taste in music to quickly locate and contact. To access all of the functions of the music platform full access to have, it is advisable to login via facebook, or the free establishment of a bearshare account. Registered user in other services such as instant messaging and faster downloads rewarded.

If the other users permit it, you can use the online exchange, how to do it from other file sharing tools also knows, to their locally stored music or photo collections to access. The freeware also provides a direct interface for apple's media player, ipod and android smartphones and protects the eyes and ears of young people, thanks to a filter in front of salacious content. Over different buttons in the menu bar, the user can in the different areas of the file sharing software you navigate. This includes a search to find music and videos by file name, artist, and other information allowed.

Under the menu item 'downloads' section you get an overview of the current download processes, analogously, it behaves in the 'uploads' with the uploading of files. The term peer to peer or in short 'legal p2p' expresses that the program tauschregeln applicable copyright notice. This means in plain language: when a user attempts an indexed file to download, as protected by copyright to be marked, he gets the note that the piece is due to its copyrights are not shared. In such cases, the alternative of the software to draw and music from the program to legally buy.

Screenshot bearshare

You can free download BearShare latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Musiclab, LLC.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, computer, pc, notebook