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The winzip download is one of the classics in the packers. The compress facilitates and accelerates the transfer of large files and folders and saves disk space. The packer has the compression routines used in the own zip format substantially optimized and comes with the new development of zipx, to is still considerably smaller archives. The pack helper but also supports all other popular archive formats such as rar, 7z, tar, cab, bz2, and gzip, and is integrated fully into the surface of windows.

For the first time was winzip in april 1991 as a front end version of the phil katz written pack program pkzip for windows computers is released. Henceforth, the winzip download as a standard for compressing and decompressing files all the computer generations accompanied. In may 2006 winzip from canadian software vendor corel corporation. Large files sent to the user directly by email, cloud services, social networks or instant messenger. Are supported including facebook, google talk, google hangouts, yahoo! Messenger, and jabber.

The zipshare feature in the current winzip download a direct access for file sharing. The in house web application facilitates especially the transfer of large files. Compressed files can be, for example, along with a message on facebook, twitter and linkedin to send.

Thanks to the simplified user interface, you simply put his files now even faster in and out. Even jpeg images are compressed the classics without any loss of quality. It also provides the packer is a preview of the archived files in the explorer. Who in his e mails with outlook is managed, there is also here a preview of zipped attachments. By double clicking, extract individual pieces of content directly from the windows file manager.

The functions also include the so called jump lists, which you quick access to frequently used operations. Also reacts winzip to finger gestures, the user on the touchpad running. Easily drag drop; you can change the folder structure and moves individual files. Practical: winzip takes pictures from digital cameras, which the so called windows image acquisition support, directly in the zip files on the computer.

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