Features of SeaMonkey

The free browser is seamonkey is a further development of the mozilla suite, due mainly to a number of interesting additional functions is characterized. The browser is based on firefox and thus allows access to a number of plugins, the functionality of the program to expand. You also have the possibility, the surface on the themes to change. Functional waiting the software with tabbed browsing, so call in parallel several websites and reach over tabs. Worth noting is that seamonkey is more than a home to define. Open when the program starts.

Right good are the options with regard to data protection and privacy. Close the browser, will be automatically set surf traces such as visited pages, form data, or cookies, will be removed. Alternatively, you can delete such data carefully over the menu. Without in hidden dialog boxes to search, you can control the processing of cookies and graphics. About the manager set, for example, precisely such as on individual web pages with cookies and graphics procedures. So, you can block carefully graphics of a web page, for faster browsing, or they can be detailed all the cookies of a selected web page. Similarly, set the pop up blocker explicitly whether to a precisely defined web pages pop ups should be carried out or not.

The most prominent features of seamonkey is the integrated e mail client, with which you can easily complete your e mail handle. For this purpose, multiple mail accounts are supported. In addition, the client then has an adaptive spam filters, and a flexible address book. Continue to work with signatures and the automatic retrieval of messages in specified intervals. So in large e mail lists to keep tabs, set custom display filters and mark your mail color. Another highlight is the built in wysiwyg editor.

With this composer to create web pages without explicitly html commands to enter. Like in a text editor to design your web pages with tables, bind graphics, use layers, format text, use spell check. The matching dictionaries download online on your computer. Completes, a browser with a built in chat function, a newsgroup reader, and an online store where you can have your seamonkeysettings and link lists deposit, and so from any computer with seamonkey to access it.

Screenshot seamonkey

You can free download SeaMonkey latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Mozilla Foundation.
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • laptop, pc, notebook, computer