Features of PDF Reader

The PDF XChange Viewer is a free pdf reader for windows, with the PDF documents to view, comment, and basic editing. The freeware Provides, among other things, OCR, web browser plugins, interfaces and more.

PDF Viewer with various functions the PDF XChange Viewer may be various operations in the documents - For Example, underline, strikethrough, comments and notes and insert them in the document Directly answer. That covers many of the fundamental workflows When dealing with text documents. FormFields can be used to fill in using the typewriter mode, HOWEVER, You can therefore Completely independent of search fields, text in the documents tap. A SimpleSave saves all changes, notes and comments, so That You Documents Easily share with other users.

OCR, stamp, and more. Thanks to the OCR feature of PDF XChange Viewer text in image based PDFs and They are so, For Example, to make searchable. In this form, the new documents can thus be saved. In addition, you can then, for Example, images or other graphics from any source, Including from the Windows clipboard as a stamp in the PDF to insert. A shell extension so Ensures That The PDF document as a preview in Windows Explorer can view - in addition, the files using a tool and the Windows ifilter index.Interfaces and file format.

The PDF XChange Viewer is also available as a portable version to take with you on a USB stick or other removable media. No matter where you have the software used to export one PDF into different image formats: such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF or BMP. In addition, it can be using a variety of interfaces to translation tools: such as ABBYY Lingvo or lingoes connect.

Pdf xchange editor The PDF XChange Viewer is available silent - it is, HOWEVER, now Virtually obsolete. The paid per version is No Longer Available, but there is now a separate, new tool called pdf xchange editor. The fee is charged, but so many advanced features and additional functions Compared To free predecessor. So can the editor about as individual pages from PDFs delete, move, add, or as separate documents to export, compress and merging can be.

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You can free download PDF Reader latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Adobe Systems Incorporated
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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