Features of Skitch

With the help of the "skitch" to create screenshots on your mac. The screenshots then edit with different tools, for example, by notes, arrows or texts in the images. Via the integrated share function to load the screens directly on the free notes portal "evernote" and have this so at any time on various devices at hand, whether smartphone, tablet or other internet connected computer.

For some of t3n colleagues was skitch long an important tool in everyday work. This could be changed with skitch change. The new version of the popular screenshot app brings new features like the synchronization with evernote, and is for the first time for the iphone available. However, skitch for significant annoyance, because the user interface has been so simplified that many users are some of your favorites are missing.

Originally, it was skitch, a mac app that help the user in the easiest way of creating screenshots, and easily with shapes and comments. Meanwhile, the app has been about ten million times, and downloads and is considered extremely successful. With the release of skitch is running the tool now not only on mac and ipad, but also iphone and ipod.

Skitch shone always with a really well thought out and foolproof interface. Skitch brings an even further simplified interface with so simplified that many of the capabilities of the mac app, and so popular did, completely removed.

Misconduct of skitch is that the image size in comparison to its predecessor, only cumbersome to change. Need an example? It is no longer possible, the size of images simply by changing that the size of the window on the desktop changes. Especially this feature division at t3n in the editorial everyday life a lot of time. It also stores skitch now only pngs. Who his pictures in a different picture format to save want to look in the tube.

Furthermore, the font for comments is no longer change, you can at the edges of an image adds no additional whitespace to add more and also some more functions like ftp support have been removed.

If this changes, bitter belching, and should skitch definitely omit and the mac app do not update. If such misconduct, however, does not bother, the get with skitch is quite a range of meaningful new features.

New and positive in skitch is the possibility of parts of an image to pixelize. Also new and useful is the so called highlighter. With this tool, the user can make certain parts of a screenshot or photo highlight and emphasize. The app is now an integral part of evernote, and as such can, of course, with an evernote account can be synced. All new features can be found in the corresponding blog post for the announcement of skitch, as well as in the getting started guides for mac and ios.

Screenshot skitch

You can free download Skitch latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Evernote Corporation
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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