Features of Metronome

With Metronome for pc stands musicians with a virtual clock to the side. The freeware brings from the factory is already 15 sounds of different rhythms on the computer and offers the option of creating your own beats to create and save.

Their tempo can be up to a breathtaking 300 bpm set, and thanks to various tools also flexible. Variable tempos with the metronome download possible as well as an increase in the speed, repetitions, and different time signatures. Rounding out the metronome through a visualization of the attacks. Conveniently, comes on the clocks without installation, is also well suited for portable use on usb stick co tempo of the beats to increase or decrease. The operation of the freeware is not too difficult. The tempo is 80 beats per minute set by default and can optionally with the plus and minus buttons increases or decreases. Even faster with clicking on the underlying buttons 80 to 160.

Under sound 1, sound 2 and sound 3 are available after the metronome download each of 15 different musical sounds and instruments ready, with a click on the buttons a to o can be freely selected. The clock with the deep drums be used. Demonstrates, the individual punches in the bottom bar, with the numbers from 1 to 12 is provided.

The virtual metronome is with the spacebar, set in motion and again stopped. The tempo increases or reduces the user at any time with the arrow keys up and down, as well as the beat with the arrow keys left and right. In the middle panel of the program window are some useful buttons to find. With go starts the metronome. If full is enabled, the window is in full screen mode to see. A delay can delay built in before the beats begin. Save and load are used own clock follow to hold and play.

Useful is also the possibility of using the program editor individual follow from speed, count, and beat to create and this at any time to start. Other useful tools for musicians you can find in our software catalog for free download. Variable beats for musicians this small freeware tool metronome provides musicians with an adjustable sound output of up to 300 beats per minute.

Screenshot metronome

You can free download Metronome for pc latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Trial version
Developer:GCH guitar academy
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, XP sp1, sp2, sp3 64 bit / 32 bit / x32 / x64
  • pc, laptop, notebook, computer