Features of Maxthon

The free maxthon cloud browser when you're surfing the internet regardless of devices and operating systems. While the competition the browser from apple, microsoft co just with their own kind easily work together, go to the maxthon cloud browser problem between the pc and the ipad or mac computers and android smartphone back and forth. The trick is simple: your user settings, manage the program in a shared online storage, the all devices share. Bookmarks, downloads, and web pages opened thereby remain always and everywhere at the same level. After a free registration, you will receive ten gigabytes of personal storage space in the maxthon cloud.

In addition to windows support software mac os x, ios and android. In terms of comfort and features is maxthon cloud browser to firefox, google chrome and internet explorer: with tabbed browsing access via the tab at the same time on multiple web pages opened. Important pages are at the address bar to pin. You can related tabs using drag drop, grouping, and all sides of such a group, just click on it to open. On request, displays maxthon also two web pages side by side. To the surfing the internet is the most convenient to make, the software enables so called mouse gestures. For example, drag the mouse while holding the right mouse button to the left, is the action assigned to (by default, the scroll back to the previous page).

The program targets for these gestures to fit your needs. Further amenities are the boss button, maxthon fast show off and on, as well as the function quick access, through which you frequently visited websites with a code start. For example, to access with fb the facebook page. At the program's homepage you will find a number of skins and extensions, with which the functionality and the optics change. The use of chrome extensions or ie plug ins, however, is not possible.

In terms of data protection allows to maxthon, the manual or automatic deletion, of individual areas, such as cache, cookies, or address list. If you want no traces left on your pc, you can use the private mode. The resource searcher parses the loaded web page on existing images, audio and videos, and invites selected items with one click on your computer.

This works for example with youtube videos or flickr photos. Is completed maxthon with a plethora of useful tools. For example, a snapshot function is not only marked portions of a web page capture and save as a picture, but before with drawing and text tools edit. Also useful is the night mode, the pages are inverted, or the online notes, on which you can easily drag drop selected text from web pages store. Particularly well done is the multiple search. Here, type in a search term, and look over a ledge which hit in a wide range freely selectable search engines, shopping sites, blogs, and much more.

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You can free download Maxthon latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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