Features of Joomla

Create a blog or a website is to use the free program joomla, even for beginners doable. Instead of cryptic containing programming commands to annoy, is when the content management system (short: cms) to the modular system in the foreground. The only requirement is a php enabled web server with a mysql database and you're good to go. Step by step design your pages with text and graphics is menu driven via your browser. The complete joomlapackage is installed on a server, and the local tool on the computer is the browser.

The principle is quite simple: for each of the building blocks (such as link lists, reports, or custom banner) select default locations and display order. So, appears about the imprint on a single base, while the full text search on every page in the top right appears. Also menus can be so carefully to be unlocked. Joomla is platform independent, allowing you to control your website from any computer, tablet or smartphone can access. About specific apps the content via iphone update.

Joomla is a multi user system, where an administrator rights awards, and so allows the contents of several users edited or can be maintained. Such editing rights for each document separately awarded. The basic layout of a page is about so called templates. In addition to the colour design or the used fonts and font sizes, here are the position specifications, number of columns or the size of the title bar is defined. Easier than changing a template on an html level with the backend of the existing editor is the use of ready made templates.

Because the most important property of the joomla is the integration of extensions. So you can implement everything with standard tools is not possible or is only for professionals is feasible. If the called layout templates, or use your site with modules and plugins to tune in want to the internet offers thousands of mainly free tools: you can find professional oscommerce for a company or scheduler for the sports club. Just as easily you can integrate slideshows or bind facebook and youtube content in your joomlapage. On many special joomlaportals found in the net for almost every problem has a solution.

Screenshot joomla

You can free download Joomla latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:GNU GPL 2
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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