Features of JDownloader

So called one click hoster like netload, uploaded.to, share online or bitshare are very popular when it comes to the exchange of large amounts of data. Start a download, you usually need a waiting period to accept, unless you are a paying member. Also, limit some providers the number of files in a set period of time to load. In such cases, jdownloader. In addition to the free of charge access to the file sharing vendors, the tool also paid premium accounts. Would you like to a file on your computer, start the free program in the link and is responsible for the complete data transfer autonomously. All you need to do then to worry about anything. jdownloader 2 is processed so called container formats, which are encrypted lists with a majority from the left. Supports the rapidshare downloader format rdf, the cryptoload container format ccf as well as the download link container dlc.

With the reconnect function, you can bypass, for example, time constraints. jdownloader 2 interrupts on request, regularly, the download process, and represents a new connection under a different ip address again. In this case, it keeps the one click hoster for a new user, and you can resume downloads. jdownloader 2 also allows for the parallel transmission of multiple files (even from different hosters) and manages their credentials, if you have a premium access. You can also continue the download process at any time suspend and later resume. According to the same principle with the linkgrabber, among other things, also videos from youtube to your computer transfer. It also examines the link collectibles complete web pages to images, archive files or movies and upload it to your computer. Free add ons for firefox and chrome you have the option of jdownloader directly in the browser to use.

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You can free download JDownloader latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

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Developer:AppWork GmbH
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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