Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop
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Features of Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is an extension for the google chrome browser, by the computer across system boundaries to control remotely. Chrome remote desktop must be on the participating computers to be installed. On the side of the controlled machine is a 12 digit access code is generated, to the controlling parties. Chrome remote desktop works on all platforms on which google chrome runs only on windows, max os x and linux on the chromebook. However, the chromebook desktop remote control.

Google's browser chrome remote desktop app makes hobby admins of problems on the computers of the users online to solve. To chrome remote desktop via the webstore to install, you need a google account, with which you can also at the start of the expansion must sign. Both sides build a connection to a server of google on, on the screen, and inputs are exchanged.

This initiated the owner of the remotely controlled computer, the session and receive a better numerical code, the it by phone, chat or mail the person tells, which he allowed access. This is less friendly to beginners than about netviewer: there prepares the supervisor, the connection, and it sends a link to only must click on.

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