Features of XAMPP

Xampp is a free and free software package, which is a comfortable setting up an apache web server with mysql, php and perl. It is aimed primarily at developers a development environment with database connectivity need. The system is in the given configuration as not sure can be classified, with some easy steps but also in the internet.

With xampp, the user receives a local apache web server with extensive additional software. So, without any complex configuration, a development environment available, with the database applications with mysql and php as well as perl implemented and can be tested.

Numerous programs round out the package. So, depending on the operating system, various applications such as webalizer, ftp server and mail server. For all operating systems, phpmyadmin is included, which is a useful tool for managing mysql databases. With little effort, makes the web server is also secure and configure the internet integrate.

Some example programs, such as a cd administration with php/mysql was created and a guestbook in perl was written to show whether the system really works and facilitate entry.

Xampp allows a simple installation of apache web server with mysql, php and perl. Recommended for all, fast a development environment want, to connections, etc in your web projects. But also for all apache interested, a web server with all sorts of services like ftp and mail server would like to implement, is the software of interest.

Screenshot xampp

You can free download XAMPP latest full version from LoadSafeSoft.

License:Free version
Developer:Apache Friends
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
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