Features of Firebug

The firefox extension firebug, the javascript of a web page to debug javascript errors on the console display, and javascript commands, the page source of a page whose css and dom properties, to examine and adapt network traffic monitor and related cookies to manage.

The html tree is firebug a clear and concise way and also allows the manipulation of individual attributes. A examine mode allows the selection of a particular element on the page. This can be assigned to css styles, computed styles, dom properties and the layout of the selected item are displayed. Using the css panel you get the ability, the style sheets of the page to customize.

The user can get an overview of all the dom properties of an object within the page. Using the integrated debugger, you can javascript errors on the ropes by breakpoints, and the script line by line performs. The network panel contains the information for the analysis of network communication. From the side generated cookies can be viewed, edited, and deleted. In addition, can individual sites be banned cookies at all to save.

Screenshot firebug

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License:Free version
Developer:Joe Hewitt
Language:English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • pc, notebook, laptop, computer